Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia was established to supply the Scandinavian veterinary market with high quality instruments and implants. All our implants are ISO and CE certified. All equipment and implants are fully autoclavable at 135 °C and guaranteed for 1 year. Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia works together with main UK based company Veterinary Orthopaedics (www.vetorthopaedics.com) that currently supply referral surgeons and specialist all over the world. Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia focuses on the Scandinavia market. Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia has two finnish veterinary orthopedic surgeons and a UK qualified veterinary orthopedic surgeon on staff who have tested the implants and can discuss how our range of products can best be utilized by you.

By keeping our business very streamlined and keeping our range of instruments to only what is necessary for orthopedic surgery we are able to keep our prices very competitive while maintaining excellent quality. Innovation is the key to the underlying values of Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia. We are working with a number of human consultant surgeons and work together with Finnish industry to develop new equipment and implants for veterinary use.

Who we are:

Ari Suhonen
DVM Ari Suhonen, graduated from University of Helsinki Veterinary School in 2009 - Has attended orthopedic congresses worldwide on a yearly basis and is currently working as an orthopedic surgeon in a private veterinary hospital in Vantaa, Finland

Juha Virolainen
DVM, PhD, MVetSC Juha Virolainen has graduated from the university of Helsinki Veterinary school in 1997. He has defenced his thesis in 2005. Since 2005 he has worked in a private veterinary animal hospital in Hattula, Finland, where he has worked as an orthopedic surgery. He is also interested in arthroscopy and spinal surgery.

Alasdair Frost

Dr. Alasdair Frost BVM&S CertSAS MRCVS Alasdair qualified in 2003 rapidly developed a keen interest in small animal surgery. Alasdair undertook an intensive internship at Fitzpatrick referrals (The Supervet) then moving on to work at Peace Avenue clinic in Hong Kong. He achieved his Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2011 and began a European College of Veterinary Surgery residency in Wear Referrals in 2016. During this time Alasdair launched the British head company Veterinary Orthopaedics that Veterinary Orthopedics Scandinavia works with as a subbranch for scandinavia. Veterianry Orthopaedcis is a company dedicated to researching, developing and selling Veterinary orthopaedic implants. in his free time Alasdair enjoys running, mountain biking, skiing, cooking and kayaking.